We created this program because we struggled with the very same challenges that women across the country, in all industries and sectors, deal with on a day-to-day basis. It was in our search for a solution that Women Evolution was born.


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You Know Mentorship Works

Do you feel like you’re going through your career in a bubble – that you don’t have many peers or colleagues to advise you? How many times have you found yourself saying, “I wish I had someone with whom I can talk through this problem?”

We hear from women everyday who express these exact statements. They are frustrated because they feel alone in the workplace and there is nobody to guide them, and help shape their careers.

The answer to this problem is simple: mentorship.

We know that when a woman has a strong mentor, she is more likely to feel happier and achieve greater success at work.

What Mentoring Will Do For You

Having a mentor can be the defining variable that determines whether a woman will feel happy and successful in the workplace. Women tell us everyday that participating in a mentoring program has helped them take ownership of their careers. They gained the tangible skills to be more confident, engaged and equipped.

Here are the skills they found are necessary to become the most successful female employees:

  • Owning Your Purpose
  • Owning Your Voice
  • Owning Your Emotions
  • Owning Feedback and Critique
  • Owning Your Conversations
  • Owning Your Evolution


We know women succeed if they have a mentor. We know mentoring works. Yet 95 percent of women have never sought out a mentor at work.

Many feel it’s too expensive. Or they don’t know who to seek out, or they’re afraid to even ask.

Shavon Lindley knows exactly how thesewomen feel.

Shavon co-founded Women Evolution after a difficult and frustrating search to find her own female mentor. After years of sacrificing her own health and happiness at the altar of success, she knew she needed to take control of her own career.

The Women Evolution Solution

Shavon Lindley, co-founder of Women Evolution, has made it her business to empower women in the workplace. After years of sacrificing her own health and happiness at the altar of success, she reached out to find mentors who had similar aspirations as her. But what she found was a lack of these women.

She knew there were thousands of bright and driven women out there like her who could benefit from female mentorship – if they could only find it. She began to seek out and interview dozens of Fortune 1000 executive women to find how they were able to navigate the corporate landscape, have a family, and maintain their happiness.

The stories and lessons she learned became the foundation of Women Evolution. This online mentorship program utilizes experiences of these high-level executive women to empower others in their work regardless of what their careers may be.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Women Evolution is helping thousands of women achieve personal happiness and professional success through the power of mentorship.

Recently a group of four emerging female leaders from a San Diego company participated in the Women Evolution Online Mentoring Program over a 3-month time frame. After completing each of the online lessons, these four women met for two hours outside of office hours to discuss how they related to each lesson and to support each other through the process.

Since completing the Women Evolution program, two of the women were promoted. Al four women discussed how they had never been taught how to be a leader and the Women Evolution Online Mentoring Program gave them the skills and confidence to better take control of their career.process.

Here’s what other program participants said about their experience in the Women Evolution programs.

“Controlling my emotions is so hard! Now I feel like I have the tools and the confidence to not let things affect me so personally, and if I do overact I now know how to pick up the pieces.” – Melissa, Real Estate Broker

I haven’t been this happy at work in two years! I can’t believe it took me this long to ask for help. I can’t believe it took me this long to ask for help” – Jennifer, Marketing Engineer